MPEG-related patents on compression of acoustic data

method and device for inserting information into an audio signal, and method and device for detecting information inserted into an aufio signal
method and device for error concealment in an encoded audio-signal and method and device for decoding an encoded audio signal
methods and devices for encoding audio signals and methods and devices for decoding a bit stream
method and device for detecting a transient in a discrete-time audiosignal, and device and method for coding an audiosignal
system and method for evaluating the quality of multi-channel audiosignals
method for masking defects in a stream of audio data
method for coding an audio signal
method and device for generating an encoded user data stream and method and device for decoding such a data stream
device for supplying output data in reaction to input data, method for checking authenticity and method for encrypted data transmission
method for marking a polygon-based binary data set of a three-dimensional model
method for masking defects in a stream of audio data
output device for digitally stored data on a data carrier
communication network, method for transmitting a signal, network connecting unit and method for adjusting the bit rate of scaled data flow
process and device for obtaining 3d ultrasonic data
FHG Audio:
Website of the MP3 researchers from Fraunhofer Institute
PoStInG - Aktuelles Seminar: MP3:
Evaluation of MP3 patents by a group of german computer science students.
A private mail from 2001/02 tells us:
You are probably already aware of this -- some important patents regarding video compression are coming up, particularly relating to MPEG4; I've talked to the attorney who is the primary examiner on this patent cluster, and he actually rejected some of them last September (from major multinationals) based on over-breadth. It's wait-and-see. PacketVideo has just gotten an important patent on an error reduction algorithm relating to video compression in low-bandwidth situations that could have been applied very usefully, had it been freely distributed.

One particularly broad and already much discussed patent in this area is at the basis of RealAudio:

US 6,151,634
Audio-on-demand communication system
A monthly bulletin of the IPR Helpdesk project, financed by the European Commission's Enterprise Directorate, nominated one of the MP3 patents "European Patent of the Month" in summer 2001:

The Moving Picture Experts Group Audio Layer III compression format, more generally known as MP3, began life in the mid-1980s at the Fraunhofer Institut in Germany.

It is doubtful whether the calculation rule covered by DE3629434 really took a long time to find. Also it is somewhat strange that a 12 year old patent was nominated "patent of the month". But it seems clear that the MP3 patents are showcased as cases of "good software patents", since they cover solutions to difficult problems and may involve some empirical knowledge.
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