Council050307 Recordings

ZooBaB: "Luxembourg diplomats wrote new Council Rules of Procedure today"
Miernik: "Unless the Council decides otherwise"
ChristianGreen: "The Council Presidency has decided unanimously and in full agreement with itself to deny this B-item request"
AnonyMous: "No other country supported this move for a B-item?"
ChristianGreen: "We have not asked them, and anyway, if we have asked them, they remained silent, which means that they agreed with the Presidency's denial"
MousAnony: "And Poland was silent?"
ChristianGreen: "yes, Poland was silent on this question"
JeanDupont: "Which means Poland agreed to deny their own request"
ZooBaB: "Euh, do you have seen Mrs Europe Democracy today?
Miernik: "Yes, she was kidnapped by Council diplomats and Commission bureaucrats..."
FrenchDiplomat: "I am not sure Luxembourg Presidency has not violated the Rules of Procedure today..."
Bendt: "Anyway, we had a good informal dinner on Sunday, and everything was decided in advance. The meeting was just a role play. We don't like flying Polish surprises in the Council."
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